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ACCEPT - Static variable in class
accept(File) - Method in class
accept(File) - Method in class
AccessConstraintConfig - Class in org.quickserver.util.xmlreader
This class encapsulate the access constraints on servers running.
AccessConstraintConfig() - Constructor for class org.quickserver.util.xmlreader.AccessConstraintConfig
AccessManager - Class in
This is a simple SecurityManager template.
AccessManager() - Constructor for class
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class
actionPerformed(ActionEvent) - Method in class
activated() - Method in interface
This method is called when the tab where plugin is loaded is activated
activateObject(Object) - Method in class org.quickserver.util.pool.ByteBufferObjectFactory
activateObject(Object) - Method in class org.quickserver.util.pool.ClientHandlerObjectFactory
activateObject(Object) - Method in class org.quickserver.util.pool.thread.ThreadObjectFactory
ACTIVE - Static variable in class
activeCount - Variable in class org.quickserver.util.pool.BasicObjectPool
activeCount - Variable in class org.quickserver.util.pool.MakeQSObjectPool
add(Host) - Method in class
add(HostList, HostMonitor, int, List) - Static method in class
add(HostMonitoringService) - Static method in class
addClassName(String) - Method in class org.quickserver.util.xmlreader.InitServerHooks
Addes the class to init server hooks.
addClassName(String) - Method in class org.quickserver.util.xmlreader.ServerHooks
Addes the class to server hooks
addClient(Runnable) - Method in class org.quickserver.util.pool.thread.ClientPool
addClient(Runnable, boolean) - Method in class org.quickserver.util.pool.thread.ClientPool
addClientIpAddress(String) - Method in class org.quickserver.util.xmlreader.IpFilterConfig
Adds a Client Ip Address to the list
addCommand(Propertie) - Method in class
addCommand(SimpleCommand) - Method in class
addDatabaseConnection(DatabaseConnectionConfig) - Method in class org.quickserver.util.xmlreader.DatabaseConnectionSet
Adds a DatabaseConnectionConfig object to the set.
addDefault(Host) - Method in class
addEncryptedByteBuffer(ByteBuffer) - Method in class
addEvent(ClientEvent) - Method in interface
Adds the ClientEvent.
addEvent(ClientEvent) - Method in class
Adds the ClientEvent.
addHostStateListner(HostStateListener) - Method in class
addHttpStatusCode(String) - Method in class
addListener(String, FileChangeListener) - Static method in class org.quickserver.util.FileChangeMonitor
addObject() - Method in class org.quickserver.util.pool.BasicObjectPool
addObject() - Method in class org.quickserver.util.pool.MakeQSObjectPool
addProperty(Property) - Method in class org.quickserver.util.xmlreader.ApplicationConfiguration
Addes the Property passed to the HashMap
addTask(String, Runnable) - Static method in class
addToPanel(Container, GridBagConstraints, PropertiePanel, QSAdminMain) - Method in class
AdvancedSettings - Class in org.quickserver.util.xmlreader
This class encapsulate Advanced Settings.
AdvancedSettings() - Constructor for class org.quickserver.util.xmlreader.AdvancedSettings
affirm(boolean) - Static method in class org.quickserver.util.Assertion
affirm(boolean, String) - Static method in class org.quickserver.util.Assertion
alignLeft(String, int) - Static method in class org.quickserver.util.MyString
alignRight(String, int) - Static method in class org.quickserver.util.MyString
append(String) - Method in class
appendToConsole(String) - Method in class
AppException - Exception in
Generic Application Exception used by QuickServer and its support Classes.
AppException() - Constructor for exception
AppException(String) - Constructor for exception
AppException(String, Exception) - Constructor for exception
ApplicationConfiguration - Class in org.quickserver.util.xmlreader
This class encapsulate the Application Configuration.
ApplicationConfiguration() - Constructor for class org.quickserver.util.xmlreader.ApplicationConfiguration
appLogger - Variable in class
AppThreadPool - Class in
AppThreadPool() - Constructor for class
askAuthentication(ClientHandler) - Method in class
askAuthentication(ClientHandler) - Method in interface
Method called first time after gotConnected() method is caled on ClientEventHandler, if Authenticator is set.
askAuthentication(ClientHandler) - Method in class
askAuthorisation(ClientHandler) - Method in interface
This method is called by QuickServer if Authenticator was set, to authenticate any client connection.
askAuthorisation(ClientHandler) - Method in class
askBinaryInput(ClientHandler, byte[]) - Method in class
Sends the given binary data to the client and reads binary data input.
askByteInput(ClientHandler, String) - Method in class
Prints the given message to the client and reads a line of input.
askObjectInput(ClientHandler, Object) - Method in class
Prints the given message to the client and reads a Object from input.
askStringInput(ClientHandler, String) - Method in class
Prints the given message to the client and reads a line of input.
Assertion - Class in org.quickserver.util
Class to encapsulate Assertion and allows any back ports.
Assertion() - Constructor for class org.quickserver.util.Assertion
assertionSystemExit() - Method in class
AsyncHandler - Class in org.quickserver.util.logging
AsyncHandler(Handler) - Constructor for class org.quickserver.util.logging.AsyncHandler
AsyncHandler(Handler, int, int) - Constructor for class org.quickserver.util.logging.AsyncHandler
AsyncHandler.LogEntry - Class in org.quickserver.util.logging
Authenticator - Class in
Default QSAdminServer ServerAuthenticator.
Authenticator() - Constructor for class
Authenticator - Interface in
authenticator - Variable in class
authorised - Variable in class
Client authorisation status
AuthStatus - Class in
This class defines the state of authentication.
available() - Method in class
availableOnlyInByteBuffer() - Method in class
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